The program which checks delegation points is released under an open source license based on the BSD one.

The statistic collection tools are not freely available.

To run the dns.pl script, you need the following perl modules:

It has been running successfully on Solaris and FreeBSD, and used multiple processes to parallellize the work. It can create significant amount of load both on local full resolvers as well as the network. As most DNS queries are sent via UDP, a congested connection will certainly give wrong result when testing.

It is also the case that one kind of error can give other errors automatically. For example, if there is a lame delegation, errors will be given also for not being able to fetch the SOA over TCP. The idea is that the dns.pl script is to give as raw data as possible, and then post processing is calculating what is really happening. In most cases, a human need to investigate the problems to see whether what is reported for the specific zone is important enough to fix.

Current version is 2.0.3, and you can find it here.

The mailing list for announcements of new version of the code can be found here.

What is tested include:

Reported errors and warnings include:

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